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artist Calmality

Featured forecast from Lena Stevens | The Power Path

The main theme for February is “UNFOLDING”.

"This month we examine our relationship with time, with impatience, with the masculine willful part of ourselves that always wants to push things through and make things happen, our addiction to stress and drama, and our fear of not being and doing enough. Whew!

The good news is that as these habits surface, we are given an alternative way of approaching the way we intend, put into action and manifest what we want. It is allowing the “unfolding” of what we put into action instead of forcing a result through pushing, hurrying and efforting. The huge collective fear pattern called “not enough time” is in our face. It is deep and it is cultural. “Time is money”, “hurry, hurry, hurry” or you will miss out on something, be the first in line, the first to win, the best at everything etc.  We are competitive instead of cooperative and our measure of success is based on comparison instead of personal satisfaction. We have become a society where our hearts can’t keep up and our adrenals are shot. We are almost never in present time always worrying about the future and trying to stay in control and ahead of the game with hypervigilance and the effort caused by overworking.

We have an opportunity here to examine how we have been living our lives and to begin to make some changes in our attitudes, beliefs, relationship with time and our fear of not being enough. Complete change will not happen overnight, however you will see results that are almost magical if you begin to practice an alternative way of approaching your life and your action.

We begin this month in the wake of the powerful super full moon/eclipse of the last day of January. We are still under its influence as we begin the month and we can use its wave of energy to launch this time for ourselves in a good way. If you have not spent a bit of time aligning your intentions, you can still take advantage of the eclipse portal to do so. It is best if you can include the intention of ease, clarity, right timing, and support for patience and perfect alignment for your actions to be effortless.

The goal this month is to allow everything to “unfold” as a flower unfolds into a full bloom from a bud. You cannot force a bud to bloom before its time, and you never know exactly how that full bloom is going to look. We, and many of our intentions, are at the bud stage now, and allowing the “unfolding” in their right time will take some shifting in the way we have always approached the way we do things.

The Full Lunar Eclipse of January 31 has opened a time frame that is bookended by a partial solar eclipse mid-month. It creates a perfect structure of time for observation, review, and change. Since eclipses are always about supporting change we should always take the opportunity they present to keep things moving in our lives. We are also moving from a year of the fire rooster in Chinese astrology to the year of the earth dog on February 16. This shifts our container of growth from fiery reactions that stimulate change, to working with more stability and grounding to anchor new ways of “being” and “doing” in our lives.




How the month shows up:



This is a tremendous time and opportunity for growth. The biggest challenge and one that will reap the most rewards in the end will be to examine and change your relationship with time. Even if you are not usually an impatient person you may experience being impatient this month. It is up for review for everyone both personally and culturally. It is the fear of not having enough time and when it is also connected with a lack of self-esteem, it takes on the flavor of the fear of not being good enough to actually manage your time.

This is a huge issue and the more work you can do on your relationship with time this month, the more you will see the results of the magic of synchronicity, right timing and things just manifesting in their own time (like magic). The results can be almost instantaneous. Ask and you shall receive. The key is to be receptive to receiving without judgment about how the goods are delivered and without the obsessive worry that you won’t somehow get them.

If you are struggling, pull back from the struggle, reset your intentions with a better alignment, and then let go of the control of “how” and “when”. If you start your day with the attitude that you will allow the day to “unfold” in a magical way for you and then remind yourself of this several times during the day, you will soon see the results of this new approach. Make it fun, make it an adventure, an experiment, and practice patience around others and your own fears. If doubt surfaces around your ability, push it aside and stay with the feeling of magic instead. A key is to stay out of your head and always trust your heart instead.



Relationships this month will either serve as a good container for the growth and change that is possible or they will test you. If they test you, it will be in the form of not being on the same page. Watch the expectations of others as they may go against what you are trying to achieve. Especially your work relationships may be operating on a different wavelength than you. You may have a boss that insists on doing business as usual or a partner that expects you to act as you always have. This may make it challenging for you to stay with your intentions to allow things to simply unfold. The best advice is to stay out of any arguments about the “right” way of doing things and set some good boundaries against other people’s beliefs.

If someone is impatient with you, don’t buy into it. At the same time, watch your impatience with others and allow them to experience their own right timing. Relationship dynamics always include expectations and it is important to acknowledge when you have expectations of others as well as when you are triggered by what you identify as expectations of others directed at you. In a way, you cannot be attached to what others may think of you or how they may judge you. There is a lot of freedom in releasing that attachment but it does require that you stay out of self-deprecation that may try to influence you to cave to another’s agenda over yours.

Remember that relationships are not only with other people. You have your relationship with time, with your support, with your allies, with yourself and with nature to also consider as you navigate this month. So, if your relationships with other people are challenged, you can always turn to these other ones to work with better results.



Impatience and the habit of efforting and pushing to get things done is very hard on the body especially the adrenals. Since one of the lessons this month is about shifting that around, you may get messages from your body about what is out of balance and where changes need to be made. If you have been overworking, your body will tell you. You may even experience a crash of some sorts, a wake up call to pay attention to how you are using your action. As with any other area of your life, allowing the unfolding in right time is a lesson in patience and trust.

How many of us just take medication when we come down with the flu so we can keep going in our work and daily tasks? There is no glory in this “pushing through”. The better way is to honor and take the time necessary for rest and recuperation. The body heals itself if the space is created. What restricts and limits that space is impatience, expectation and a disregard for what the body needs.

This is the month to really learn to listen to your body and to give it what it needs. Discovering a new relationship to time may change your cycles, anything from sleep to exercise to attention span etc. Everyone is unique and different and we should not try and all fit into the same mold. Some need more sleep than others. For some sitting meditation works and for others one that includes movement is more effective. Some are fed through the silence of alone time and others need the energy of others for inspiration and support.

This can be a month of discovering your unique needs and to establish your own practices and cycles that really fit those needs. If others disapprove, so be it. Set your boundaries and don’t let the judgement of others sway you to conform to anything that does not serve you individually. And remember to take “time” for yourself and to allow right timing to unfold in everything related to health and the body. Challenges this month will mostly be around energy levels, adrenals and viruses.



The challenge this month for anyone who runs a business that has staff is to get everyone on the same page of setting intentions and then allowing for right timing to take over. It is difficult to trust that if something is meant to be, it will manifest easily and effortlessly. Since we are used to being competitive and are imprinted with business practices that are hypervigilant around being successful based on completion, sitting back and allowing the unfolding of intention goes against what we have been taught is necessary for that success.

So, the change is to be clear about what you want and the direction of your projects and business and then bring in support and get all the details handled. The next step is to relax about timing and watch what is meant to be unfold. If it doesn’t then perhaps the motivation needs to be examined and the intentions realigned.

It is a good month to begin something new especially during this eclipse window. Just make sure that if you do start something new whether a business, an aspect of your business, a project or even just an idea you have, that you start it from a place of right motivation, serving yourself first. Never do something just because you think others expect it of you or that it will earn you points with others or make you more acceptable. You have to do it because you love it and it will bring you great joy and satisfaction. This is the key to having something successfully unfold for you rather than pushing it through.

Wouldn’t it be great if all your endeavors manifested easily and without effort? Effort and hardship usually always indicates that there is something not quite right about the intention in the first place. The intention may be polluted by considerations that are not in your best service or interest. Part of the opportunity this month is to really examine the motivations behind all of your intentions especially ones that are related to work, projects and business. Why are you doing what you are doing and for whom? And remember to never make decisions or choices out of fear!



The year of the earth dog begins February 16. This is an earth year and we have already experienced a number of earthquakes on the planet. Pachamama is stretching her joints and realigning her skeleton and position to accommodate a new energy that has been uploading on this planet now for some time. This realignment is creating some chaos and unexpected change in weather patterns and will continue to adjust itself to something new that is yet unpredictable.

We have suggested many a time that flexibility and acceptance is the best approach to any of your plans that include the weather. In this month of “unfolding”, allowing the weather to unfold as it will without the attempt to control or second guess how it may manifest on any given day, will be a key to eliminating worry, resistance and negative reactions when the weather does not seem to cooperate with your plans.

We are likely to have more earth activity, be it mudslides, rock slides, avalanches, earthquakes and other earth based phenomena. This is all part of necessary movement supporting change especially during the eclipse window in the first half of the month.

Looking at your personal environment, paying attention to the details, and taking baby steps to continue the process of decluttering can help fill the time and support the practice of patience. If you have a project that involves your personal environment, you can practice setting the intention keeping self -service in mind, and then give the management of timing over to spirit and a higher intelligence.




February 1-7: On the heels of the Lunar eclipse and full moon of January 31, we are in the window of potent energy that supports change. It is a perfect time frame to begin the practice of changing your relationship to time and to realign your intentions to allow for the action of “unfolding” instead of action with effort. You can still practice determination and commitment around what you want, as long as you give the “when” and “how” of its manifesting the ultimate freedom of right timing.

It is also a good time frame to do a reality check on your motivations for what you are intending. If they are not in service to you, or if they are based on other people’s expectations or your fear of judgment in any way, it is a good time to examine and realign regardless of what others may think or how they will react. There is a need to tell the truth about what is so, as it is the truth that will help you realign your motivations. This may bring up fear of judgment, failure or change. Be patient with yourself and with others. It may feel chaotic and intense at times, but the upheaval is necessary for change to occur.

If you are feeling ungrounded and confused, work with the earth as it is the element of the year. Give your confusion and your struggle over to the earth and ask for grounding and the wisdom of the earth to anchor your heart. Then trust that you will get what you need. If you are struggling with health challenges of any kind, this is the time frame to get plenty of rest and to recharge yourself. If you have been overworking, you will feel it as a message from spirit to slow down!


February 8-14: A feeing of better alignment, balance and ease marks this time frame. Provided you have been present with what has come up for you in the past week, this week is about refining and anchoring new attitudes and practices that support you. Some of what you intend will begin to unfold in a beautiful way. Problems and challenges that seemed unsurmountable suddenly lose their intensity and become manageable under a new perception. You have the opportunity to feel really supported as you begin to allow yourself to receive.  When a bud receives sunlight, clean air and enough water and nutrients from the earth, the bud will automatically unfold into a full bloom in its own time and turn into something beautiful and unique.

So, use this time to stay out of judgment, refine your priorities and witness the unique unfolding of your personal bud into a bloom. If it does not happen as you have imagined or intended, be grateful, inspired and delighted by its eccentricity instead of disappointed because you expected it differently. We are still in the window of potent energy bookended by the two eclipses so anything you do or practice during this time is potentiated and more easily anchored into a permanent state.


February 15: New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse is Thursday, February 15 at 2:06 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This is the book end to the first eclipse and can be a difficult energy for some of you if you happen to be in the middle of any kind of conflict. You could be conflicted by your own confusion or a relationship or an important decision you need to make. If this is you, use the new moon/eclipse as an ally to help you punch through this uncomfortable place of limbo.

This is a moon aligned with community and the support and help of others as well as your unseen allies and spirit. So, don’t be afraid to ask for it. And as usual for every new moon, it is a great time to touch in with your intentions to make sure they are still what you want. A new moon is a still point and this one is good one to experience the stillness that aligns right timing.


February 16: We enter the year of the Earth Dog on this first day of the Chinese New Year. There is lots of information online about the year of the Earth Dog for those of you interested in more details. We find it is significant in the support of good fortune without effort and the themes of working with the earth, grounding and the balance that comes with trust.


February 15-21: We are antsy and impatient for things to get going. We can almost be in the mind state of giving up our good intentions of waiting for right timing. The false personality is trying to have a fiesta with your self-deprecation and impatience. The grumpier you get the happier your obstacles and false personality are. Don’t let them win. It is a discipline to resist the temptation to say, “Oh the hell with it, I give up and I’m going back to my old habits because at least I saw results there even if they were had for a huge price”. If you let the false personality win, you will have to go back to square one and it will not feel good at all. So, know that this will be a time of challenge and do whatever you can to ignore the temptation of giving in. Stick to your commitment to right timing and the allowing of unfolding. It will pay off in the end.


February 22-28: We have come through the birth canal, birthed ourselves into a new landscape, and hopefully you are experiencing yourself in a new light with a new-found sense of being able to relax more and have things come to you instead of efforting to manifest them. Enjoy the magical synchronicities and the really amazing opportunities that have hopefully come your way in easy and unexpected ways. If this is not you at this time, never fear, timing is different for everyone and some of you may have more to process and more to change and therefore the experience of the other side may be longer in coming.

Some of you may not yet quite believe that things can be this easy. Ask and you shall receive as long as you trust that what is coming your way is right and for you. Sometimes we can get into some confusion when we let our minds get in the way of the “knowing”. So, trust your heart when it says yes and question your mind when it says anything. If there is too much mind chatter, rely on some quiet and silence away from others opinions to get the clarity you need. Ask for help when you need it and most of all enjoy the process of discovery. After all, life is an adventure and we are always refining the plan to accommodate our recent growth!"


Note: there is no full moon in February. The next full moon is on March 1

Have a great month!


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