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The Main Themes for June 2018 are Discipline and Follow-Through.


The full moon at the end of May was a perfect set up for this month, supporting us to take stock of where we are, what we want, our true values, what needs to change, and how we may get there. So, this month provides us the opportunity to show up and follow through in action with the realizations, understandings and truths we now have about where we are, what we want, and what we need to do.

This month will have its ups and downs. We have spiritual and intuitive openings that provide a much-needed anchor to the world of positive possibilities. At the same time, we can struggle with resistance to the physical discipline required to keep moving ourselves in the right direction. There is nothing “wrong” with you if you feel totally inept, discouraged, lethargic, apathetic and depressed one day, and enthusiastic, energized, hopeful and inspired the next.

There is an important piece we are working with this month that relates to the Masculine and specifically the third chakra, the home of your will, discipline and energy distribution. Rightfully, we hold some baggage of patterns and experiences of oppression and injustice in that chakra that can create a barrier to our own ability to take action and be disciplined. This often appears as a stubborn procrastination pattern with a mind of its own keeping you from easily taking action. (there is a clearing exercise for this on this month’s support audio)

It is important to be aware of this pattern as it will show up in the form of various excuses and rationalities of why you cannot or should not do something. The trick this month is to just do it anyway. For example, if you decide that what you really need is to move your body more (a very common desire for most of us), and you create a discipline to walk every morning, watch the resistance come up and the rationale behind it. Whenever you just “don’t feel like it” do it anyway. That is discipline.

Discipline will support you this month in many areas of your life. Be disciplined about your thoughts, what you say, your negative words and attitudes, and your judgments. Be disciplined around your spiritual practices and make a plan to be consistent with a routine of a time and place. Be disciplined about cutting out just one unhealthy thing you tend to consume as well as disciplined about a daily habit that you know will serve you well. These disciplines will help set the container of confidence that you need to take action on the bigger issues in your life. There will be days when you feel the “downs” of the ups and downs of the month and that is where you will need to work your “will” and just do it anyway. With this determination, you will be giving the universe a message that you are serious about your follow through and this in itself will open doors to the support you need. (there is a good section on support and allies on this month’s support audio)

We are still in the process of releasing and healing old wounds and this month the focus on this process is very aligned with the masculine and how we use our energy of will, determination, focus and action. Are we afraid to step forward? Are we resistant to act? Do our bodies simply shut down and refuse to move? Are we fearful of other people’s actions and reactions? Are we always waiting for the “other shoe to drop” because we experience a pattern of disagreeable things always happening to us?

It is time to get proactive, disciplined and determined. It is time to “choose” how we act and do it with joy and confidence. It is time to take responsibility for following through with the intentions we said we wanted. It is time to stop whining about how nothing works out for you and make it happen. You have the will, you can get the support, the inspiration is available. What are you waiting for?


How the month shows up:


The most difficult discipline is often around things we should be doing for ourselves. Why is it that serving others or doing their bidding often overrides what we should be doing for ourselves? Hopefully you were able to connect with a sense of value about yourself last month that will help you to realign your disciplines and things you need to follow through with to support you personally above all else. It is a good month for personal emotional and spiritual growth as well as improvement for the health and vitality of the physical body.

We recommend making a concrete plan for your follow through on whatever you feel you personally need this month. Make it reasonable and build in a good support system (such as a buddy to walk with or someone to check in with regularly). Support is necessary especially when the task feels more challenging than you know you can handle on your own. There is a reason why many training, weight loss, probation, special study, detox, rehab and other programs have strong support systems in place that require consistent and disciplined check ins.

One of the areas of further understanding is around how the masculine and the feminine principles and energies work, both separately and together. Since discipline, determination and will are all properties of the masculine, while support is largely feminine, putting some focused energy into further understanding the dynamics between the two is highly recommended this month. (in support of this, we are offering a 25% discount on the newly launched online course on Understanding the Masculine and the Feminine)

The masculine will be much more effective with the support of the feminine, and the feminine will be able to be in more powerful support when the masculine is able to trust that support.

There is usually much healing to do around the alignment, balance and relationship of these two energies and you will have numerous opportunities this month to clear some emotional baggage related to both.



This is a month for working on your personal relationship to self as a priority. Although there will be plenty of opportunity to explore new relationships, refine old ones and bring some inspiration into existing ones, the focus and discipline is really about what is going on inside of you. Your relationship with your allies and support, your relationship to your masculine qualities, relationship to your feminine side, relationship to your body, relationship to your self- worth and value, and relationship to your environment, cycles and timing are all worthwhile areas of growth and discovery.

The discipline will be around boundaries, energy leaks, and building a strong enough relationship between yourself and your self-worth and support, that you can always trust your own truth and power of what you know is right. Watch for projections of others as we navigate through periods of emotional log jams. Watch impatience as you refine your own timing and flow of follow through. Beware of judging yourself by comparing yourself to what others are doing. Your relationship with time will be different than another’s relationship with time.



We are often most resistant to disciplines that have to do with the comforts of the physical body. It is easier to be disciplined about putting things away than it is to be disciplined about anything that may put the physical body into any discomfort. This is because the body reads any discomfort as a signal that there might be a possibility that it won’t survive. Because the body is hardwired to survive, whenever survival gets triggered, it also triggers resistance to the disciplines you are putting it through, whether it is a diet change or eliminating a bad habit or an exercise routine or training.

Discipline for the body for health reasons requires a mental discipline as well. For example, those with a serious illness may need to cut certain destructive foods out of their diet. In the long run, this is positive and will have positive effects. In the short run however, the body will read this as deprivation triggering survival issues counter intuitive to what the person is attempting to accomplish. In time, with discipline and follow through, the positive effects will counteract the survival triggers. Anyone who has ever experienced a fast or rigorous diet or physical training program will know this is true.

The most important things this month in reference to the body and health is to find your own pacing and timing so that you minimize the survival triggers and continue to support comfort and self-care at the same time.



Create a good plan for existing projects and partnerships that leaves room for adjustments in timing and scheduling. Set some reasonable goals and be disciplined around at least taking a baby step or two every day, even if it is just to focus a prayer or spiritual practice around it.  Tracking is also an important follow through we must be aware of and be very disciplined about. Dropping the ball on an important project or intention will only lead to experiencing those “down” times with discouragement and negativity instead of neutrality.

If you are beginning a project or initiating something new this month make sure you have your follow-up plan in place and that it practical and structured. Be willing to experience fits and starts, ups and downs, highly energized and active times balanced with reflective and slower periods. It can be a very productive month as long as you work along with the influences instead of being in resistance. And watch for procrastination as a fear or resistance reaction. The motto is “DO IT NOW! (even if you don’t feel like it)



Earth events are still the focus of the year and there could also be water events at the beginning of this month. Anything that affects the earth in a major way is likely to happen over the next few months. Remember the earth changes in support of our own change and evolution. This month, as we have energy that is up and down, energetic and then not so much, we may at times experience the environment as stagnant in its weather patterns, and at other times intense events coming through that were not easily predicted. So be flexible and work the environmental influences into your rhythm and timing being careful not to “blame” the weather for any procrastination or lack of discipline that would keep you from following through.

As to your personal environment, keep cleaning, eliminating, sorting, changing, improving, creating, and bringing in beauty, simplicity and support.



June 1-7: This first week is sensitive, emotional and potentially confusing as the energy does not quite know where to land. Nevertheless, it is good to start out by revisiting the intentions or realizations you are left with after last month’s realignment of values and create a structure for them. If you are not used to writing an intention list, it is a good month to do it. Make sure your intentions are focused both on what needs to go or be healed as well as what you want to start or bring into your life in the future.

Give yourself and others lots of space this week and be sensitive to what you and others may need as needs could be different. If you hit a place of fuzzy unfocused energy, embrace it and postpone anything that needs you to be clear and precise.

Watch for water events and work with water as an ally to help with emotional clearing if that is what you need.


June 8-14: Should I do this or should I do that? Should I believe this or that? Should I change this or that? These are some of the questions coming into play this week. Too much input or listening to too many voices could derail your own sense of intuition and truth. The follow through and discipline for this time frame should definitely include your spiritual practices and ways that you can continue supporting your intuition.

Use the energized times to take action and the down times to dream and explore your intuitive side. This time frame comes with very specific opportunities for exploring both the masculine and the feminine qualities within yourself. It is also supportive of calling in your allies and asking for the support you need to be disciplined. There is a danger of falling into the negative aspects of the “down” times. This is where support is helpful.

June 13: New Moon is Wednesday, June 13, at 1:43 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). If you are sitting on the fence about a choice or decision or even about the way you feel about something, this new moon is a good time to gain some confidence in making a choice and feeling good about the choice you make.

Use the energy of this moon to be in community, cooperation, inspired conversation, weighing in on others dilemmas in a supportive way as well as listening to others contributions to your own process. This is a good reality check point on where you are with your disciplines and follow through. Are you being practical enough? Or does something need to be refined and adjusted?


June 15-22: We are moving towards a powerful point in the year, the Summer Solstice (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.) It is a time of honoring the point of full bloom, where everything is empowered and filled up with the juice of the sun and the masculine energy of action and manifestation. Everything is expansive and full. With this mind, make sure your focus during this time frame is on the most positive aspects of your life because that is what you want fed and energized.

The discipline during this time will be to stay positive and aware of how you are feeding your intentions. Track yourself when negative thoughts enter your field. Where is that voice coming from? Is it current? Is it old? Can you eliminate it? Just remember that if it does not feel good, it is probably not yours but a voice of something outside of who you really are.

June 21: Summer Solstice is Thursday, June 21 at 4:07AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Take some time during this solstice to celebrate the fullness of who you are, your personal medicine you came into this world with and the service you provide to the world just by being here. A Solstice is always a good time to do some kind of ritual or ceremony around the celebration of energy, support and the fullness of life.

Honor all the opportunities you have for growth, improvement, relationship, love, experience, feeling, emotion, and the constant learning of lessons. Be full!


June 23-30: This time frame may test our resolve in our disciplines and follow through. As we turn towards the coming eclipses in the next few weeks, the anticipation could be a feeling of bracing for something unsavory or negative on the horizon. If you find yourself experiencing this anxiety, take a breath and refocus on the baby steps that got you where you are. Redouble your efforts on staying disciplined especially around physical and spiritual practices and engage in patience around things that are not happening in the timing that you may have expecting. If you feel like being internal and alone, go for it without worrying what others may think. There is a difference between the energy of withdrawing from life and simply taking a break for some personal time. Know the difference.

Taking a break will always lead to a renewed desire to connect and be engaged. Withdrawing on the other had inevitably leads to depression, lethargy and despair. Don’t go there. It is not practical or useful. This is where a good support system helps. Use it.

June 27: Full Moon is Wednesday, June 27 at 10:53 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) A detailed update on this earthy full moon along with Astrological notes by Pat Liles will be sent out to our email distribution list so if you are not on it, please sign up at the very top, above.

Have a great month!


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